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Special Event Treatment

Whether you’re hosting a graduation, wedding or other type of party, you want it to go off without a hitch. When planning your special event, the last thing you want is for you and your guests to be swarming with mosquitoes. It’s not just the itchy, red welts you’ll have to worry about, these days — mosquitoes can be vectors for a broad range of potentially dangerous diseases, including West Nile and Zika virus.

Fortunately, the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Greater Indianapolis can give your special event protection against these and other biting insects.

The Process

The process starts when you contact us. Through a series of detailed questions, our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will find out as much as possible about your event and where it’s being held. This way, you’ll get the maximum benefit from our mosquito control services. We’ll also walk you through our available services and answer any questions you might have.
Our licensed mosquito control technicians will arrive 24 to 72 hours prior to the event. Don’t worry — we can work around your schedule to accommodate caterers and other vendors as needed. At the start of the visit, the technicians will assess your property and determine the best way to give your outdoor space optimal protection against mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers.

Afterwards, our technicians will perform a treatment on all potential resting sites and breeding areas where mosquitoes are likely to congregate. Other mosquito control services usually stop here, but ours doesn’t — our traditional barrier treatment solution works on a time release, ensuring that it puts an end to your mosquito problem throughout the entire event.

The Result

Once the treatment is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy a pest-free event. Our EPA-approved treatment is designed to reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects by up to 95 percent.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Indy, we strive to keep all of our customers satisfied. In fact, we’re so confident in the effectiveness of our products and services that we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our barrier treatment solution, we’ll give you a complete refund.

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