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Tired of Getting Ticked Off?

Ticks and fleas are a pain…literally. They can transform a fun-filled family outing into a moment of pure misery. Don’t sacrifice your summer in fear of outdoor pests. Fight the flock with a little help from Mosquito Squad of Greater Indianapolis.

Tough-Acting Flea and Tick Control

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Indianapolis, we combine our powerful barrier protection spray with specialized tick tubes to keep fleas and ticks out of your yard. Our traditional mosquito control spray eliminates tick populations and shields your yard from future outbreaks. Whether you sign up for routine treatments or our tick tube service, you’ll be protected.

Mosquito Squad tick tubes are placed around your property to draw in mice. Yes – you read that right. Mice are usually the first meal source for newborn ticks, so by treating the mice, we effectively treat the ticks. Our tick tubes are biodegradable, and they’re filled with treated cotton that mice use for their bedding. When the ticks come in to eat, they get hit with a fast and effective insecticide that keeps ticks off your property.

Remember, your health is at stake…

Fleas and ticks carry Lyme disease, heartworms for pets, and other harmful illnesses that could put your family at risk. Flea and tick control is designed to keep your family and your pets healthy all year long. Get the protection you need now to avoid major disasters in the future.

Dependable Control – Long-Term Protection

We will put tick tubes in your yard twice a season, unless you see a recurrence of ticks on your property. We’ll come out to re-spray your yard every 21 days for season-long tick control. Your family’s health and safety are our top priority, and we will do everything we can to keep unwanted pests off your property. Protect your pets, children, guests, and body from the disease-carrying bloodsuckers that lurk in your yard.

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