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Automatic Misting System in Greater Indianapolis

If you want to control the mosquito and tick population around your home or business and prevent the potential spread of dangerous viruses, Mosquito Squad of Greater Indy has an automatic misting system that is the solution for you. Not only does the automatic misting system provide great protection from ticks and mosquitoes, but it also saves you time and makes protection from these pests easy.

What is the Automatic Misting System?

Our automatic misting system is a pest control system made up of a series of tubes and nozzles that are installed at your home and release a 30 second treatment 2-4 times daily. The system itself is very inconspicuous and will be camouflaged to blend into the foliage on your property.

What Are the Benefits of the Automatic Misting System?

  • Our staff will meet with you before installation to determine which automatic misting system is right for you.

  • The system provides continuous protection from mosquitoes and ticks. The nozzles are strategically placed by our installation specialists to offer the best protection.

  • In addition to the 2-4 treatments per day, you also have the option to treat at the touch of a button if you need more coverage. This is a great feature to prepare for parties and family gatherings.

  • The system can be programmed to treat when mosquitoes are most active to better control the population. You can control when the treatments happen very simply from an app.

  • The system is monitored, filled, serviced and winterized by Mosquito Squad of North Indy. In the case of leaks or other issues with the system, the smart misting system will detect the issue. You never need to do any work to maintain the system.

  • The smart misting system can also detect high winds and delay the mist until winds die down to ensure proper control and protection.

  • If you’re ready to protect your home or business and take a stand against mosquitoes, ticks and other pests, call Mosquito Squad of North Indy today at 317-204-3728 to have an automatic misting system installed on your property.

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